Seasoned logs still in stock

The one advantage of a winter that has so far been very mild is that we still have plenty of well seasoned logs still in stock. All of our firewood comes fromĀ trees that were felled 2 years ago, split last year and are now ready and waiting to be delivered throughout Sussex.

Our logs are roughly 95% oak, with the remainder comprised of a mix of ash and birch. Hardwood logs such as these contain a much higher calorific content than the softwood logs which are commonly sold in garages and supermarkets. This means that our logs will last longer, and give out a greater heat than the softwood alternatives. This not only helps to keep your costs down,as you will be burning less logs, it will also stop you from having to get up to reload the fire every 15 minutes, which is a common problem with softwood logs.bulkbaglogs

Our bulk bags of logs, measuring .90 x .90 x .90, can be delivered across Sussex with no delivery charge if you are within 15 miles of our yard. We run both HIAB vehicles and tipping trucks, so we are sure to have the right delivery method to suit your situation.

As with all hardwood logs, a god base is needed in order to get the logs to burn efficiently. To help with this we can also supply kindling and firelighters, perfect for getting a good fire going with none of the hassle of using paper, making it easy for anyone to get a good fire going. Our kindling is all hand split from seasoned softwood, and supplied in easily moved net bags containing a range of sizes.

Typically our firewood bags are delivered within 3 working days, although at periods of high demand this may increase. So if you are looking for a new supplier then pleaseĀ contact us without delay. Click here for more information about our firewood, the seasoning process and deliveries