Oak barrels
reclaimed barrel top
Oak barrels
reclaimed barrel top
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Oak Wine Barrel- Half

Product code: Barrel1

This is for 1 half of a wine barrel

These barrels make great water butts, where they add a rustic charm to any garden. Alternatively they can be cut in half to be used as planters, seats or tables. Whatever you use them for the will enhance any space.

All of our barrels are made from the highest possible quality French oak, hand split and selected by some of the most skilled workers in any sawmill. These barrels are then assembled with galvanised steel bands to ensure longevity. These barrels are not the same as the whisky barrels, which are older and have a charred interior, these are typically only 4/5 years old and are subsequently much cleaner and so can be used for more purposes.

As long as the barrels are kept wet then the staves stay tight and they will last for many years to come. This is because the oak swells when it is wet, which produces the watertight seal that characterises these barrels.

These barrels will hold approximately 225 litres/ 50 gallons when full and have a rubberised bung which can be replaced with a tap if desired. A pump can also be fitted on request (additional charges apply).

Dimensions Approx 475mm Tall 700mm Diameter
Price: 1 half


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