oak logs for sale
oak logs for sale
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Hardwood Logs- Bulk Bag

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Our hardwood logs are predominantly oak,  This firewood is ideal for wood burners, stoves and most importantly open fires as this wood does not spit like softwood, which makes it a lot safer. It is important that woods and logs used for firewood should be well seasoned. If wood is not well seasoned it will not give out a lot of heat as much of the energy will be used to evaporate the water in the wood, so badly seasoned wood makes poor firewood. Burning badly seasoned firewood will also result in a lot of deposits in your chimney which can be dangerous and can also reduce the life of your stove, flue pipe and chimney. Wood used for firewood is generally cut in the winter and should be sawn, split and left to air dry for at the very least the entire summer season.

The benefits of hardwood are greater heat output, it burns longer and slower which makes it much more cost effective, especially with the constantly increasing prices of gas and electric, when burning your logs on a regular basis throughout the cold Autumn and Winter seasons.

The benefits of our hardwood logs are that they are locally sourced from sustainable woodlands. Using wood from local sustainable woodlands has many environmental benefits, wood is a renewable resource, it is virtually carbon neutral and appropriate woodland management benefits the wildlife and enhances the countryside.

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