B03- Triple bay garage

Product code: B03

The B03 is the most popular of the triple bay oak kits. The extra height in the ridge means that it is a simple procedure to put an additional room in, subject to necessary planning constraints. As with all of our oak framed garage kits, the entire kit is made of oak including the rafters and all the stud-work, components that are typically softwood on cheaper models. These buildings are all CNC made, to very exacting tolerances. This means that you will receive a kit that is clearly labelled and very easy to assemble.

If you have any questions, or need any advice then please contact us.

Width : 9m23
Depth : 6m00
Height : 5m803
Height total 5m803 + 0m23m = 6m033
Height entrance : 1m87+ 0m23 = 2m10
Width entrance : 2m80

Sections :
– Front Posts (main) : 220mm x
– Front Posts (centre) : 200mm x
– Head Plate : 280mm x 200mm
– Tie beam : 280mm x 200mm
– Rafters : 155mm x 75mm

To be mounted on 0m230 plinth


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