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Sussex Oak & Restoration Materials source the highest quality Oak Sleepers for commercial and bespoke use. We have a variety of oak sleepers, with sizes ranging from 8″ x 2″ all the way to our biggest at 10″ x 5″. As with all of our oak sleepers, these are always of an exceptionally high quality, with very few defects. Suitable for use untreated, these will darken with age and eventually finish an attractive silvery grey colour.

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The 8” x 2” Oak Sleepers are our smallest size of sleepers, specially cut for us. They are always massively popular, with a whole host of uses including seating, decking and fencing.

The 8″ × 4″ size is by far our most popular size of oak sleeper, and they have an almost endless list of possible uses. They provide a nice balance between size, weight and cost. We can offer significant discounts for orders of larger quantities.

A custom cut size, especially for us, the 10″ x 3″ oak sleeper replaces the traditional 10″x5″ oak sleeper in a lot of applications. They still have the strength but with a significantly reduced weight and cost.