Our featheredge- Made in the UK!

Here at Sussex Oak we have always been big advocates of softwood featheredge cladding, despite our name. In our experience it is normally superior to the oak alternative, due to its ease of use and stability. That is why, after our previous supplier stopped producing the featheredge boarding that we have stocked for the past 5 years, replacing it with a faster grown and in our mind inferior product, we had to start looking for a new source. Several weeks later we concluded that there we no suitable suppliers so we decided that the only thing to do was to start making our own.

Our featheredge cladding on the wall
Our featheredge cladding on the wall

To this end all of our 200mm softwood featheredge is now cut in our Newhaven workshop and pressure treated at a plant in Crowborough. This means that we have complete control over the entire process and we can ensure a better product for your needs.¬†The boards are now made from 200x32mm selected Vth’s of Finnish redwood, which is PEFC certified. This means that you can get a high quality, fully sustainable product for years to come. Another key factor that influenced the decision to go for this¬†production method is that we can get longer lengths, our current boards are 5.1m long whereas the majority of our competitors will only stock boards up to 3m. This means less wastage and a better looking building with less joins.

The other advantage of making the boards here in Newhaven is that it offers us a much greater flexibility. Featheredge boarding is not a product that stores particularly well, and so now we have the option to cut smaller batches, meaning that you get a superior product.

So the next time you are looking for a cladding for your project we hope that you will come and see us, I don’t think you will be disappointed.