Oak framed buildings and planning permission

We would always recommend checking with your local authorities planning department before starting any building works, this post is intended as a rough guide only

Garages, outbuildings and carports

In general, outbuildings and carports come under the rules as temporary structures and do not therefore need planningĀ permission, providing certain conditions are met:-

  • They are of single storey construction with a eaves height of no more than 2.5 metres and a ridge height of no more than 4 metres.
  • They are more than 2.5m from any boundaries.
  • There areĀ balconies or other raised platforms
  • At least half of the original garden area remains uncovered
  • The building’s floor area is less than 30sqm

There are some notable exceptions to these rules are planning permission is always required for any buildings inside the curtilage of a listed building, or any building over 20sqm when in a national park or AONB.


You will not need permission to add a porch to any external door providing it will not:

  • Be within 2 metres of the boundary
  • Be more than 3 metres high.
  • Have an area of more than 3sqm

We hope this guide has been useful, but please always check with your local authority before commencing work.