Laminated oak table legs

These legs are made from solid oak, laminated out of 22mm thick pieces to ensure stability. They come in either 70x70x800mm or 90x90x780mm and are available singly or as a set of four.

The legs are perfect for anyone who wants to make a small table, but does not posses the necessary equipment, or simply doesn’t wish to, accurately plane and dimension them. The legs have all been sanded, and are ready for immediate use in any project. They are of course suitable for many other projects as well, they would be perfect for the corners of a chest or blanket box for instance.

oak legs
Showing the grain of the legs

Laminating oak for use in projects like this provides 2 main advantages. Firstly it means that the pieces are very stable and are unlikely to move due to the alternating grain patterns on the different layers. This means that you know your project will stay just as good as the day it was finished, even in changing environments. The second advantage is in cost, these legs are around half the price of solid equivalents, for no reduction in performance.

The oak used in these is all prime grade, ensuring that the legs are free of knots or any other defects, something that is made possible by the use of laminations and meaning you get a higher quality timber for your money.