25 incredible things you can do with reclaimed wood

One of the main areas of Sussex Oak’s business is dealing with reclaimed wood. It’s so versatile – put your mind to it and you can use it to make practically anything!

To prove this, we’ve scoured Instagram and found some truly great examples of reclaimed wood furniture and other things that people have made.

From tables and chairs, guitars and bars, barbecues and benches – take a look at our gallery below.

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1. Re-purposed Coffee Table

Reclaimed pallets are an excellent source of cheap or free timber. This coffee table is made entirely from reclaimed materials, with a great unusual effect.


Credit: Salvage Furnishings

2. Rustic Wall Organisers

Again made from a reclaimed pallet, this is an unusual wall mounted storage device.


Credit: Ariana J Stein

3. Some Quirky Breadboards

Simple but effective. These planed oak breadboards keep the waney edge for a characterful look.


Credit: Hörður Harðarson

4. This Fantastic Paddle Board

According to Michigan’s Little Bay Boards, they pride themselves in nondestructive practices when it comes to anything they create. In their own words, “using as much salvaged and reclaimed as possible, not hurting our planet is what it’s all about.”

This stand up paddle board is a prime example of that philosophy.


5. A Burred Guitar Body

Sometimes the piece of timber can speak for itself. That is definitely the case with this Les Paul body, the burrs add to the stunning grain contrast to give a wonderful result.


Credit: John Amber – Ambler Custom Guitars

6. An Impressive Countertop

A great bar/counter. The contrasting effects of sap and heartwood really make this piece stand out.

idrewlemonsCredit: D.F. Lemons Design

7. Make Some Extra Storage

A sturdy storage chest showing the sawn pine boards. Rustic pine furniture is becoming more popular, and is often made from reclaimed flooring.


Credit: Caisleyco

8. From Half Pipe to Table

From Sr Rustic Woodworking – “This is an end table that I also made by reusing the lumber from a half pipe skate ramp I had to dismantle…It was a sad day dismantling my ramp, but what better way to keep it alive than to make furniture with it.” We agree!


9. Experiment with Cool Wood Finishes

Reclaimed wood gives the freedom to try different things with the material. Playing around with finishes has lead to a beautiful result on this console table.


Credit: Formxvoid

10. Combine Materials for a Rugged-Looking Bench

This awesome bench, made in the Philippines, is made from reclaimed railway wood from Molave.

To add to the effect the legs have been upcycled with brass studs and cowhide.

Credit: Atelier Aguila

11. Turn Multiple Beams into a Chunky Tabletop

This splendid table was custom-made for a ski chalet in Girdwood, Alaska.

Made from reclaimed cedar fence materials, the different colour contrasts combined with knots and other imperfections come together for a striking effect.

caribou_kicksledsCredit: Caribou Kicksleds

12. Or use one piece for a coffee table!

Coated in epoxy and with contrasting butterflies, this coffee table makes a real statement.

Eight coats of polyurethane were used to create a shiny and smooth finish on the top, and the ‘live edge’ of the ash left alone.

an_squaredetsy Credit: An Squared

13. Make a MASSIVE farmhouse table

This table measures a huge 90 inches long by 42 inches wide, and is a reclaimed rustic gem.

These incredibly weighty looking legs will really set the table off.


13113983_1123239807696329_577066276_nCredit: Brian J Downey – Farmhouse Gear

14. An Uncommon Light Fixture

A clever light shade made from reclaimed pallet wood. This is a great unusual idea.

wood.furniture.decorCredit: Woodfurnituredecor

15. Build a Mighty Oak Bar

Measuring in at 24 feet, this curved bartop is fashioned from a few different pieces of oak for a hotel in New York.

It’s got a lovely finish, and is sure to be a real talking point when complete.

Recycled Brooklyn

16. Jazz Up Your Kitchen

Made in Chicago, this French-inspired vintage kitchen island combines a 90-year-old base salvaged from a flea market with a marvellous collage of hundreds of blocks of Brazilian goncalo alves wood (also known as zebrawood).

Whoever has this in their kitchen will be very lucky indeed!


12751183_804926109640938_399237537_nCredit: Undisclosed Others Wood Works

17. Give a Stool a New Lease of Life in the Garden

This bench with gold lame cushion was picked up on the side of the road. Within a week it had been turned into a raised garden planter!

Remove the cushion, add some extra lengths of wood, and sand the whole thing down – it’s a simple piece of work that shows just how easy it is to give a new lease of life to a piece of antique furniture.
ImperfectlyperfectpalletsCredit: Imperfectlyperfectpallets

18. A Strong Headboard for the Bedroom

The saw and nail marks are still clearly visible on this headboard, which really adds to the charm of this piece.

In terms of material, it’ss been made from half a dozen pieces of fir.
blankslatefCredit: Luke Bolton

 19. Salvaging an Old Bowling Alley

Yet another fantastic specimen of a table made from reclaimed wood, this table has been made from a chunk of salvaged bowling lane, refinished, and set atop a reclaimed timber base made of studs from a 1800s home renovation in New York.


Credit: Keith Decent

20. Finish Off Your Fireplace

Reclaimed wood doesn’t always need a lot of reworking, as is evident in this example.

This rustic and rough looking mantle is made from sawn pine, and measures 6 inches high by a whopping 16 inches deep.

All in all, a nice addition to this living room.

nakededgetablecoCredit: The Naked Edge Table Company

21. Yet Another Cracking Bench!

This six foot long bench has been fully constructed using salvaged barn wood.

Simple yet effective, what really sets it off is the incredible job that’s been done staining it in an espresso brown.


Credit: The Wooden Restore

22. A Scrappy Storage Solution

Another rustic piece, with simple and honest construction.

This storage table has been made from scrapped wood and finished off using brass fittings that complement the colour very well.

the_wooden_restore (2)Credit: The Wooden Restore

23. One Ragged Beam, One Rugged Bench

A heavy industrial bench. The shape and character of the beam really help to make this piece, with the simple copper legs matching in beautifully.


Credit: the_jodhpur_furniture_company 

24. It’s the Little Things

As well as the multitude of examples of benches and tables, reclaimed wood can also be used for the little things around the house.

This serving platter, complete with cutaway cupholder, has been made from an old piece of maple.knotyouraveragegrain

Credit: knotyouraveragegrain

25. Get Creative!

This contraption is actually well on its way to being turned into a pizza oven, with only the roof missing.

Here these reclaimed wood beams have been made into a bespoke structure for the project, complete with a countertop made from salvaged planks.


Credit: reso_off_grid